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  • What is Dichroic Glass?  The dichroic coating was developed by NASA for its space program.  The dichroic coatings are microscopic particles of metal that are applied to a surface using a vacuum process.  Dichroic glass changes color depending on which way the light hits it. The dichroic reflects the light in 3 ways, creating the different colors you see in a dichroic piece. The dichroic process is applied to glass of different colors and textures, and each change, and what the artist combines it with, creates a different look. At Stoned Glass, we often use more than one layer of dichroic glass to create jewelry with incredible depth and reflective colors.  Therefore you will rarely see any two that look exactly alike.

  • Do you take custom orders?  Because all of our pieces are one of a kind we do custom orders on a case by case basis. We can melt your bottles flat and make plates/bowls to suit you but you may have to allow some artistic license.

  • How do I pay for my orders?  We prefer PayPal.  You can use the secure link on our site and pay right on line.  We do accept checks and money orders as well.  We will ship your order as soon as we have received payment and it has cleared.  Since checks and money orders are sent in the mail it will take longer. We also process credit cards via the Propay system.

  • Isnít glass breakable?  Yes, glass is breakable.  Most of our fused pieces are fairly thick and have been dropped by us (oops!), and rarely break.  Some of the thinner pieces (float glass for example) is more fragile. All glass jewelry should be treated with care.  We do guarantee our craftsmanship.  We do not guarantee against breakage from dropping or other mishaps.

  • Can I buy your jewelry anywhere else?  If you are lucky enough to live in the Gilroy California area you can buy stoned glass directly from us!  We show our art at local art and craft shows throughout the year.  You can find us at the Gilroy Art and Wine festival in September, Fortinoís Winery art and craft show,  and other local shows especially around the holidays


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